About us

The SOD.DEL Group has been created as a holding company in 2006, and its two main subsidiaries or daughter companies are Deltamat-Paquet and Sodachem.

Deltamat-Paquet and Sodachem have been active since more than 30 years as agents and distributors of industrial mineral fillers, raw materials, chemicals and additives. We represent several major global suppliers, focusing primarily on the Benelux market.
Over the years, both Deltamat-Paquet and Sodachem have specialized in minerals fillers, representing about 95% of our current activities.

As an agent and distributor in the market, we work in close collaboration with our suppliers to offer the best commercial, technical and logistical service to our customers.

Our products are either supplied directly from the quarry or production plant of our supplier or pass through our storage facilities located in the Benelux.
Products can be delivered in bulk or packaged in bags or big bags (FIBCs), whatever is most convenient to our clients.
We continuously maintain high stock levels to guarantee a quick and effective supply.

Our offices are located in Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium (map).


Deltamat BVBA was founded in 1981 by André Van Kerckhove and Marc Derasse. In 1989, it merged with Eugène Paquet to form Deltamat-Paquet SA.

Main suppliers of Deltamat-Paquet
Calcaires de la Sambre
Imerys Refractory Minerals


Sodachem SA was founded in 1993 as a sister company of Deltamat-Paquet. Both companies are located in the same office building and have been working in close collaboration since then.

Main suppliers of Sodachem
Imerys Filtration

Our team

Internal Sales

External Sales

Anne Marie De Cooman

Fabian Van Kerckhove

Martine Deltour

Frédéric Duray

Pascal Peltier

Adriaan Mertens

Laurent Dierickx

Managing Director

Administration and Finances

André Van Kerckhove

Fabian Van Kerckhove

Company History


Deltamat SPRL was founded.


Change of company type to form Deltamat SA.


Merger of Eugène Paquet & Deltamat SA into Deltamat-Paquet SA.


Immo Delpa SA was founded in order to purchase and manage our real estate.


Sodachem SA was founded. In line with the new market developments and the appearance of new opportunities, Sodachem was created, mainly to deal with Sodium Bi‐Carbonate.


Start of our collaboration with Ingfer Fillers, our partner for the Netherlands.


Imerys takes over BMP. Sodachem SA becomes the official agent and distributor for Imerys Carbonates and Kaolins business.


SOD.DEL SA was founded


Increase of capital for Sodachem


Purchase of JCH Services SPRL and increase of capital for JCH Services.


Transformation of SOD.DEL SA to SCA.